Public Safety


Crime is a concern to every Atlantan. To continue flourishing our city must be safe. Every single person deserves to feel protected all of the time.

Our first responders and public safety personnel work to keep us safe every day and it is both honorable and essential that we prioritize taking care of them. It’s not simply about hiring more police. It’s also about rolling up our sleeves and working collaboratively with other agencies, counties and communities to make our streets, our neighborhoods, and our city safe for all of our citizens.

Atlanta Police, Fire, and Corrections

  • innovative management
  • effective deployment of resources
  • cutting- edge training
  • utilization of new technologies
  • increased incentivized recruitment for retention of officers
  • affordable housing for our public safety personnel to live in our City

Our Youth

Implementing effective strategies for juvenile offenders through comprehensive community-based program models, the implementation of effective reentry programs; and juvenile justice intervention. We cannot stand idly by. They are Atlanta’s children and we must ensure that their futures are not lost to a culture of repeat offenses.

Repeat Offenders

Curbing recidivism through repeat offender intercession and ensuring more vigorous prosecution of chronic offenders who have historically wreaked havoc on the community.

Courts and Counties

Employing effective collaboration with our court systems and responsible agencies.

Instituting increased community-oriented policing.