Atlanta must continue to be a leader in cutting-edge Green Practices to be the environmentally friendly and vibrant Atlanta we all love.

Responsible growth

Our Zoning Code must be must updated to reflect the type of development we want in our City. We cannot have communities that are harmed with traffic congestion, blight, or abandonment. Protection of neighborhoods: Atlanta is a city of neighborhoods–both our traditional single-family residential neighborhoods and our newer high-rise and multi-family communities. We must continue to protect every neighborhood and every Atlantan’s quality of life.

Affordable Housing

We must develop policies that guarantee our citizens can stay in our city. Innovative workforce housing initiatives can help both our companies and their employees. Aging-in-place initiatives can protect our seniors and long-term residents from displacement. We must compassionately grow our city without losing those who have made Atlanta their home.

Congestion mitigation

Our traffic congestion is legendary. We must deploy cutting-edge technology with traffic signalization to alleviate our congestion.

Job Creation

Atlanta’s prosperity depends on its human capital. It is essential for our city to continue to attract and keep talented, innovative, and forward-looking people. Bringing and keeping businesses here is key to our future prosperity. We must have effective public safety, clean streets, and well maintained neighborhoods to continue our city’s vitality.

A predictable government is an important factor for businesses to expand in or relocate to our city. We must make Atlanta government responsive and predictable to continue to be the place where innovation happens and businesses thrive.