Gentrification & Property Taxation

Gentrification & Property Taxation 2017-08-21T23:27:37-04:00

Project Description

Our Neighborhoods…Our Souls

Mary Norwood says…

  • She will work with neighborhoods, developers and other stake holders to establish a citywide initiative to protect citizens from the displacement so often accompanying gentrification.

  • There is no one “best practice” for addressing the consequences of gentrification. However, we as a city can institute a set of policies designed to prevent gentrification. Solutions implemented in New York, Chicago and Boston may serve as models for Atlanta.

  • City Hall will respond to the demands of development by evaluating and if appropriate enacting the following initiatives:

    • With emphasis on protecting Senior Homeowners.

    • Reduce, freeze or delay property taxes in impacted areas.

    • Prohibit large-scale development in at-risk neighborhoods.

    • Work with HUD, AHA and Invest Atlanta to create “stabilization vouchers”.

    • Aggressively fund middle-income housing and aggressively promote the building of affordable middle income housing.

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