Global Leadership

Global Leadership 2017-08-21T23:22:38-04:00

Project Description

Atlanta: A World Leader

Mary Norwood says…

  • As an international city Atlanta will continue to promote ethnic, gender, sexual, racial and religious tolerance and diversity.

  • Our city will engage new city residents, coming from around the world, to help them become Atlantans in every sense of the word (including refugees and immigrants).

  • City Hall will promote “My City Academy Atlanta” a program teaching Atlanta’s rich history, the structure of city government, and how to engage or advocate in city efforts.

  • City Hall will promote food/retail cart or kiosk ownership via the public vending lottery. Immigrants represent a significant portion of this type of entrepreneurship by providing diverse food selections and products of cultural value to shoppers.

  • Our city will engage, educate, and embrace all Atlantans, embracing our diversity and welcoming the richness of life immigrants bring to our city.

  • International corporations and NGOs will be encouraged to relocate and establish a strong community presence in Atlanta.

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