Government Transparency

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Project Description

Openness, Accountability, and Honesty

Mary Norwood supports…

  • Setting an example from the top down that will build public confidence in a city government grounded in ethical practices that ensure transparency, accountability and integrity.

  • A mayor’s office that is proactive and responsive to city council members, citizens and media requests for information.

  • Working with the City Council President to ensure adequate advance notice of all council agenda items, opportunity for public comment and council approval of all city financial transactions and other legislative items.

  • The trustworthy stewardship of public funds with routine and outside impartial financial audits and oversight.

  • Ending cronyism throughout city government.

  • Making changes to the Atlanta Department of Procurement as a response to the current bribery scandal including that contracts approved by the department must be awarded in a fair and impartial manner.

  • Full budgetary transparency including public website access to the complete city budget.

Sound Financial Planning

Mary Norwood will…

  • Maintain a high level of ethical standards and assure that financial management practices follow the code of ordinances and bond indentures generally.

  • Provide independent review with an independent accounting firm performing an complete forensic audit of all City funds.

  • The independent review will include a particular focus on Treasury Management related to investment performance, debt issuance practices and anticipated debt issuances.

  • The independent review will assure our citizens that all financial practices are in compliance with city ordinances as well as properly safe guarding assets, meeting bond covenant requirements and generally minimizing net interest costs paid by our citizens.

  • Implement an online check register along with public disclosure generally to the maximum extent allowed by law and within the constraints of fiduciary requirements and Homeland security.

  • Protect whistle blowers who bring potential mismanagement issues to the city’s attention.

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