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Project Description

Connecting the Networks

Mary Norwood supports…

  • The MARTA referendum TSPLOST mass transit funds should be invested for purposes such as:

    • Campbellton Road and Clifton Road light rail projects.

    • Greenbriar and Moores Mill Transit Centers.

    • Service frequency improvements.

    • System-wide bus route improvements.

    • I-20 West Hard Rail Expansion.

    • Rail station enhancements.

  • Improving traffic light and highway meter synchronization by upgrading outdated and obsolete technology.

  • Improving pedestrian safety though the installation of additional crosswalks and code enforcement.

  • Increasing the number of bike lanes and enhancing bike lane safety to allow for more usage and improve traffic flow.

  • Increasing bus network to better accommodate those who work in the city but reside outside Atlanta.

  • Improving existing roads and highways to create more highway connectors around Atlanta and within the city to provide alternative routes to reduce heavy congestion.

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