Atlanta is a wonderfully diverse, vibrant, energetic city. We need leadership that has the experience, passion, and commitment to address a multitude of issues and join us all together to resolve them. In different parts of our multi-faceted city, the importance of a particular issue is different. All over our city, safety is the top concern. When we don’t feel safe, nothing else matters. Other issues are important to our citizens–whether it’s transparency in government, blight in our neighborhoods, traffic congestion, pot-hole filled streets, broken sidewalks, or preserving the unique character that is our Atlanta. Making certain that the issues of all Atlantans are addressed is Mary Norwood’s commitment to you.

Mary Norwood is for ALL of Atlanta — making your quality of life better by running a city efficiently, effectively, and transparently. Please click below to read more about issues and please let the Mary Norwood Campaign know what’s important to you. We will listen; we will respond, and we will help!