All Atlantans deserve to live in a city that is clean and aesthetically appealing to our residents and visitors. I strongly believe we can realize this fundamental objective throughout the city by addressing the following areas, via a concerted effort between our government and citizens.

Clean Water

We MUST continually research and develop environmentally-friendly, sustainable, cost-effective methods to ensure that we have reliable clean water and that our wastewater does not impact our neighborhoods and our citizens’ quality of life.

Eliminate Blight

We MUST create thoughtful, practical, revitalization initiatives and incentives that will enable communities working with Atlantans in the civic, business and philanthropic community to eliminate blighted properties in all of Atlanta. No community in our City should be subjected to neglect and abandonment. In our Atlanta, all communities must thrive–neglected areas in our city are being held back from the Atlanta they deserve and this must end.

End Homelessness

Every life deserves dignity. We MUST cultivate humanitarian programs and alternatives to rehabilitate our homeless population and afford them opportunities for successful transition & integration into the community as productive citizens.

Effective Code Enforcement

We MUST Implement reasonable, measurable, consistent, responsive policies (guidelines) that will improve and promote effective residential & commercial code enforcement, with an underlying sense of urgency.

Efficient Permitting

We MUST collaborate with the business & development community to implement practical, innovative, streamlined, procedures for efficient permitting and licensing.

Updated Zoning Code

We MUST examine our existing zoning ordinances and revise, accordingly, to reflect current best practices for cohesive, balanced, community-friendly development. Thoughtful, balanced development is essential to establishing and sustaining thriving neighborhoods.