Transparency in government is an issue that is very close to my heart. I have always fought for more openness and transparency – sometimes at great political cost.

It’s important that our government communicate well with our citizens. Our citizens should regularly receive the information they need to evaluate our City and its performance.

We must keep focused on the “restructuring” and “re-engineering” of Atlanta’s finances and services. This work must be done on a continual basis.


Atlantans deserve accountability. We all deserve good value for our tax dollars. Each and every one of us deserve quality city services. We all deserve representatives who will put us first by:

  • Continuing to advocate for more openness and transparency;
  • Building our citizens’ trust in our City government;
  • Ensuring that our citizens are informed of all important decisions and plans;
  • Increasing fiscal responsibility;
  • Demanding trustworthy stewardship of public funds; and
  • Fostering a prosperous business environment through predictability from our City.