Legislative Success

In 2001, I was elected to serve on Atlanta’s City Council as an at-large citywide member. I served Atlanta’s citizens for 8 years. In 2013, I was again elected to serve on Atlanta City Council. I have sponsored and/or co-sponsored legislation to improve city services, better employee relations, an improve public service presence, create transparency in all government dealings, encourage positive planned growth and development, and the implement city policies that take into account the aspirations of our citizens, our neighborhood and our business community.

Below are some key legislative polices I introduced and/or co-sponsored between 2014 and 2016.

Supporting City of Atlanta Employees

  • Establishing a committee for jobs in the new economy for reviewing the best practices and providing recommendations on policies to promote and retain new jobs in the city.

  • Moving $5 Million into a reserve account to fund compensation adjustments for city employees.

  • Amending Fiscal Year 2016 to include a pay increase of 3.5% for eligible permanent city employees.

  • Asking the Mayor to appoint a special advocate for police officers, fire fighters, and others who were seriously hurt during job duties.

  • Establishing a compensation commission for the Atlanta Police/Fire/Corrections Department to evaluate fair compensation.

  • Authorizing the Human Resources department to accept and implement corrected salary schedule for Fire Rescue.

  • Authorizing increase of annual pay for police officers – backdated July 1, 2015.

  • Increasing annual salaries of Atlanta Fire Rescue (Lieutenant and above), retroactive July 1, 2015.

Public Safety in Our Neighborhoods

  • Establishing the Metro Atlanta Task Force to prevent gang violence.

  • Requesting that the Atlanta Police Foundation’s Task Force created to address repeat offenders in the City of Atlanta and Fulton County Report their findings to the council.

  • Supporting the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015. Urged Georgia’s congressional delegation to support the Act.

Open Government

  • Increasing fiscal transparency for the public of the city.

  • Requesting the City’s Office of Planning create a process to let the public know of rezoning land use.


  • Establishing a study committee to explore transportation options for Seniors as part of the naturally occurring retirement community concept.


  • Authorizing the Office of Planning to establish a program to assist senior citizens and low income homeowners with tree trimming and removal services on private property.


  • Urging the Mayor and Commissioner of Watershed to address the discharges and combined sewer overflows occurring from the combined sewer system (CSS).

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