LGBTQ Commitment

Mary Norwood believes in a diverse Atlanta where everyone has a seat at the table. Mary has a twenty-five-year history as a community activist and as an elected official who has consistently advocated, supported, and voted in support of issues important to the LGBTQ community. She believes in true equity, equality, and achieving it together.

Personal relationships have been key to Mary’s understanding of LGBTQ issues. Her relationship with Dorsey, one of husband, Dr. Felton Norwood’s two daughters, who is a lesbian, played a significant role in the development of Mary’s commitment to LGBTQ rights. Mary Norwood believes everyone should have full and equal access to all government services and that each of us is entitled to fair and equal protection under the law.

Councilwoman Mary Norwood has been asked if she will address the issue of homeless LGBTQ and Transgender Youth?

  • The simple answer is “Yes”!

  • There is lack of clarity and vision in public policy regarding homeless youth in Atlanta.

  • We must find appropriate and safe shelter and put a roof over their heads.

  • We understand transgender and LGBTQ youth are vulnerable to human trafficking. We must collaborate with nonprofits who provide solutions to reduce human and sex trafficking.

  • Under my administration, the City of Atlanta will collaborate with Fulton County and the State of Georgia on LGBTQI homelessness and healthcare.

Councilwoman Mary Norwood has been asked what are her views on the current HIV criminalization laws?

  • When you criminalize HIV, it lessens the likelihood of individuals being tested and seeking treatment.

  • Newer HIV medicines, such as Truvada, have made the current law unfair.

  • Agree with Georgia Equality, the law needs to be reviewed.

  • Reforming the law means to craft a law that comports with modern HIV science.

  • Reform should take into consideration an “intent to infect,” which it currently does not.

  • The best option is complete repeal.

Councilwoman Mary Norwood has been asked if as Mayor, if she will support the gravely needed culture shift that Chief Erika Shields has begun within the Atlanta Police Department towards LGBTQ Atlantans?

  • She will reconstitute the LGBTQ Police Advisory Board for APD.

  • Actively recruit new officers from the LGBTQ community including transgender officers.

  • Appoint openly LGBTQ individuals to the Citizen Review Board and support staff.

  • Mandate better training for officers on LGBTQ concerns including domestic violence.

  • Require officers to address citizens in the gender they present.

  • Screen LGBTQ youthful offenders for pre-trial and support services.

Councilwoman Mary Norwood has been asked as Mayor, what she will do to support LGBTQ inclusive policies within the Atlanta Public Schools?

  • Advocate that the Atlanta Public Schools adopt a “safe schools” policy.

  • Support anti-bullying and harassment programs.

  • Endorse a “teach tolerance” curriculum.

  • Encourage the APS Board to require teacher training so faculty understands the issues facing LGBTQ students.

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