About Mary Norwood

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Mary Norwood is a Georgia native and long-time resident of Atlanta. Mary has lived, worked, volunteered, and advocated for responsible and responsive city government for more than 25 years. Mary began her public service career when she first joined City Council in 2001 and served for two consecutive terms. In 2013, Mary was resoundingly re-elected to City Council as a Citywide Council member, Post 2-At-Large.

Mary Norwood is passionate about Atlanta. She has devoted herself to representing all Atlantans for her entire tenure in city government. Mary is known both as an advocate for and friend to people from every Atlanta walk of life. Mary’s mission is to bring trust, compassion and a bright, safe future to our city and everyone who lives here.

An independent voice on the City Council, Mary has always focused on enhancing the quality of life in all Atlanta communities. She has worked closely with council colleagues, city officials, state officials, and neighborhood leaders, pulling together the necessary people that could and would have a positive effect on Atlanta.

Since 2013, Mary has served on the Mayor’s Commission on Waste and Efficiency, the Repeat Offenders Commission, and the Code Enforcement Commission, where she serves as Co-Chair. Serving as Zoning Chair, she is shepherding the re-write of Atlanta’s Zoning Code. As we look to the future and our City’s growth, it is imperative that our laws reflect the Atlanta that we want to become.

Mary has sponsored legislation to improve city services, better employee relations, an improved public service presence, to create transparency in all government dealings, encourage positive planned growth and development, and implement city policies that take into account the aspirations of our citizens, our neighborhood and our business community.

Mary Norwood’s work on City Council resounds with a hands-on and well-informed approach to addressing the quality of life concerns of all Atlantans. As an at-large member of city council she has traveled to every neighborhood in Atlanta and attended almost countless community meetings and events. This has kept her in touch with what really matters to our citizens. She is the people’s advocate and will be a mayor for our communities.

As reflected in her campaign’s recent polling results, Mary Norwood has built a coalition of Democrats, Republicans and Independents both by gender and race. She enjoys support from law enforcement professionals, labor, city employees, the LBGTQ community, senior citizens and those under 35. Given the diversity of Atlanta voting population, this represents a winning political coalition.

Mary’s extensive business background includes the following: She has been the Chief Operating Officer of a regional broadcasting company, the President of a national business association, the Principal Broker of a Georgia-based real estate firm, and the founder and developer of an internet-based computer telephony company.

Mary is married to Dr. Felton Norwood, a retired pediatrician. She is stepmother to Palmer Norwood of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Dr. Dorsey Norwood, a pediatrician working in East Point. A proven community activist, socially conscious neighbor and City Councilwoman, Mary Norwood will continue to fight for a more Safe, Transparent, Prosperous and Sustainable Atlanta as our next Mayor.