Norwood qualifies to become Atlanta’s 60th Mayor

Today, Tuesday, August 22, 2017, Mary Norwood officially qualified to enter the race to be elected Atlanta’s 60th Mayor. Norwood is the acknowledged front runner in the crowded field of candidates. Recent polls of likely voters put her at between 27% and 30%, nearly 17% ahead of the nearest competitor.

Upon qualifying at the City of Atlanta Municipal Clerk’s office, Norwood returned to campaign headquarters where she told supporters, “Today I have filed the paperwork to be Atlanta’s 60th Mayor and continue Atlanta’s leadership on the world stage. Atlanta’s rich history of inclusiveness, equal opportunity, and access for all places us in a unique position to provide leadership across our state, the region and nation. Atlanta has no place for bigotry, racism or violence – our heritage mandates that we continue this tradition — and that is what I will do as your next Mayor.”

“Atlanta is filled with neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm and wonderful citizens.  I have been privileged to represent them and work on behalf of all our communities as an at-large member of Atlanta City Council.  As your Mayor, I will ensure that our city has a transparent, accountable, and responsive government so that all constituencies are served—our businesses, our neighborhoods, and our visitors.”

“I have stated during this campaign that our people are better than our politics. I want to provide the leadership that makes our politics as wonderful as the people we serve.  As your next Mayor, I will dedicate all my energy to leading a well-run city that will be Atlanta at its best.”

“I will work hard over the next several weeks to earn the votes of all our citizens.  If I win, ALL of Atlanta will win, and together we will create a city that is like no other.  We will fulfill the promise that Atlanta holds – with all its beauty, all its charm, all its vitality — and all its potential for a future that offers meaningful opportunity for all. I look forward to serving you as your next Mayor.”

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