Norwood condemns “Pay to Play” culture

Mary Norwood Condemns “Pay to Play” City Hall Culture

February 24, 2017:

Media Contact:
Ellen Adair Wyche
Director of Communications

ATLANTA, GA…The leading candidate in the 2017 race for Mayor of Atlanta today forcefully condemned the “pay to play” culture at City Hall being uncovered by the ongoing FBI investigation of bribery, graft and fraud perpetrated by those currently in power. “This scandal is epic, and reveals a corrupt and shameful disregard for very voters who elected this administration,” the candidate said on Friday afternoon at the State Bar of Georgia annual conference.

“Atlanta city government is overdue being openly accountable to citizens and their needs. It’s time for total transparency –from top to bottom. The alleged perpetrators have demonstrated flagrant disrespect for all the citizens of Atlanta. We’ve all been cheated by their self-enrichment and greed.  Regaining citizens’ trust in our city government is going to be the most important role of Atlanta’s next Mayor. My knowledge and unique experience with communities throughout Atlanta enable me to know exactly where to start. I’m the only candidate in this race with the combination of grit, determination, independence and understanding of city issues to get the job done quickly and effectively.”

“First, we will rebuild the budget from the ground up: cut waste, eliminate overruns, uncover unnecessary expenditures, and overhaul the bidding process. All expenses, including checks, will be online and available for scrutiny. As public officials, we are the guardians of public money.”

Norwood, Atlanta City Council Post-2-At-Large, introduced legislation (#15-O-1585) in December 2015 to require all city expenses be posted online. That legislation has been pending in committee since that time.

“It’s our citizens’ money. It’s your money… You deserve to know how it’s spent. My administration will use city funds efficiently, equitably and appropriately. That’s what I will do better than anyone else — because now we all know it has not been done in the past.”

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