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Diversity. Coalition. Community. Leadership

I was honored to meet with a group of backbone women of Atlanta, who presented me with their community concerns. I committed to make these points inclusive of my priorities of community preservation, business inclusion and equal opportunity.

Thank you Women of Southwest Atlanta for the opportunity to further serve with and for you. I offer you the open door opportunity to hold me accountable. Your voices will continue to have a space in my administration.

I humbly ask for your vote on Tuesday.


Former Mayor Shirley Franklin

Atlanta City Council President Ceasar Mitchell

Former Atlanta COO Peter Aman

Former City Council President Cathy Woolard

AFSCME Local 1644

Former Fulton County Chair John Eaves

Inventor, Lonnie Johnson

Norwood endorsed by GA Police Benevolent Association

The largest law enforcement association in Georgia, The Police Benevolent Association (PBA), endorses only Mary Norwood for Mayor of the City of Atlanta. A strong and effective law enforcement community increases safety and reduces crime in our neighborhoods.

Mary Norwood is the ONLY candidate to receive all three endorsements from the PBA, Atlanta Firefighters, and International Brotherhood of Police Officers. These organizations trust Mary Norwood is best candidate to keep Atlanta citizens safe.

Join the PBA and vote for Mary Norwood on Nov. 7th.

In 2001, I was elected to serve on Atlanta’s City Council as an at-large citywide member. I served Atlanta’s citizens for 8 years. In 2013, I was again elected to serve on Atlanta City Council. I have sponsored and/or co-sponsored legislation to improve city services, better employee relations, an improve public service presence, create transparency in all government dealings, encourage positive planned growth and development, and the implement city policies that take into account the aspirations of our citizens, our neighborhood and our business community.

Read More of my legislative successes between 2014 and 2016 HERE:

Mary Norwood believes in a diverse Atlanta where everyone has a seat at the table. Mary has a twenty-five-year history as a community activist and as an elected official who has consistently advocated, supported, and voted in support of issues important to the LGBTQ community. She believes in true equity, equality, and achieving it together.

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Solutions to your Concerns

Our Atlanta:

During the last 36 months, I have visited Atlanta’s many communities more than 1400 times – annual business meetings, neighborhood events, public hearings and more.

That’s quite impressive when you consider that there are only 365 days within a year. That’s an average of 4 events per day, seven days per week, not including my Atlanta City Council obligations.

I love Atlanta, its citizens, and all its neighborhoods! It will be my greatest honor to serve as the City’s 60th Mayor.