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Atlanta is a wonderfully diverse, vibrant, energetic city. We need leadership that has the experience, passion, and commitment to address a multitude of issues and join us all together to resolve them. In different parts of our multi-faceted city, the importance of a particular issue is different. All over our city, safety is the top concern. When we don’t feel safe, nothing else matters. Other issues are important to our citizens–whether it’s transparency in government, blight in our neighborhoods, traffic congestion, pot-hole filled streets, broken sidewalks, or preserving the unique character that is our Atlanta. Making certain that the issues of all Atlantans are addressed is Mary Norwood’ s commitment to you.

Mary Norwood for ALL of Atlanta — making your quality of life better by running a city efficiently, effectively, and transparently. Please click below to read more about issues and please let the Mary Norwood Campaign know what’s important to you. We will listen; we will respond; and we will help!

Our Issues

Every Atlantan deserves a life where hopes and dreams can become reality. Every Atlantan deserves a life with dignity. Working together, side by side, we have accomplished a great deal. Going forward there is work to be done to make Atlanta the safest, most prosperous, most transparent and most sustainable City in America.

Every citizen deserves to feel safe to explore the wonders of our great City. Building on our strong foundation and working together, we will continue investments in public safety and build on community coalitions to safeguard our neighborhoods and businesses.


Transparency is the key to effective management of our City’s resources by enabling citizens to hold elected officials accountable. With a greater level of clarity, citizens can more effectively work with elected officials to develop policy and measure our City’s performance. Technology will be key to providing citizens an unprecedented level of access to city finances and information that affects…


A sustainable future is clean, green, livable and renewable. Every operation of our government should be examined in the context of sustainability. A sustainable future requires effective operations of government and investments in our future.


To enhance the prosperity of our citizens, elected officials must effectively manage the resources provided by taxpayers. This requires effective day-to-day operations as well as capital investments in our future. Providing more for less must be our objective. City government must be an effective “buyer” of goods and services. Our brightest future requires hard work and dedication. We need a…

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Mary's commitment to community
Janice Hall

My defining moment with Mary was the first time we met–before she ran for City Council. I was just becoming a neighborhood activist and needed help from her company to reach our association members quickly–no emails then! We met at her very small office in Buckhead where we sat on the floor, talked about my project and got to know each other a little. Her attention to detail and enthusiasm really impressed and ignited me. When I left, I knew that I’d just met a very strong and capable woman. When she ran for City Council I paid attention and began to follow her career in public service. I quickly realized that neighborhoods, mine included, had a friend in Mary! For more than 20 years, she hasn’t disappointed!

Janice Hall

Peachtree Hills
Nick and Susan Nicholson

We have known Mary for over 20 years. She has looked after neighbors and taken care of us. She is smart, energetic, accessible, compassionate, and dependable, characteristics we want in our leaders. Mary will make an outstanding Mayor.

Nick and Susan Nicholson

Lelia Hagood

When I moved from Gwinnett County to Atlanta in 2007, I was clueless on how to change my voter registration and the deadline was approaching very fast. I called Mary Norwood’s office and she actually returned my call. I was shocked! Mary guided me through the process and I’ve been Team Mary ever since.

Lelia Hagood

Grant Park


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